Science with Mrs Cathles

This term Year 2 are working on a unit called Watch It Grow.  We are conducting an investigation into the effects of temperature on mealworm growth. We have put half the meal worms in the fridge and the other half in the cupboard. We are checking the mealworms each day and photographing developments!

We can’t wait to see what the mealworms turn into!

Check out our mealworm calendars on the Science Webpage

2C’s Busy Week

Today’s post was been written by Hannah.

In the last 2 weeks we have been very busy. We had the school fun run. It was very tiring.

We had the book talk for the book fair. It was very exiting.

We had swimming at the Carile swimming centre. It was so much fun.

from Hannah

An update from Gohki and Zac

Today’s guest bloggers are Zac and Gohki. 

Hi we enjoy doing  swimming  lessons. Do you do  swimming  lessons? We do it near the car park.

Did you enjoy Halloween for 2012? What were some of  your costumes? l was dressed as a skeleton and Zac was a slender man.

From Gohki and Zac

Congratulations Alice and Olivia

Today I am proud to announce some very exciting news.

Last term Olivia Hosie’s story, Mandy’s Adventures, was selected to represent our Stage One classes in the Sydney Morning Herald and NSW Board of Studies writing competition.

I’m very excited to announce that her story won gold in the K-2 section of the competition. You can read her story and find out more about her competition entry here.

To see all the winners click here.

Olivia won a $50 Dymocks voucher, a pencil case, pen-pack and  3 books. She had her picture in the paper and was also presented with a framed certificate and attended a writers workshop at the Sydney Morning Herald.

But that’s not all…

Last term, one of our homework activities was to write a song using the notes we were learning on the recorder.

Alice Vance combined notes B, A, G and C into a beautiful song called Springtime.

The  song was so wonderful that she entered it in the Australian Children’s Music Foundation’s National Song Writing Competition. And guess what? She won first prize!

Alice has won $600 of music equipment and tuition for herself and a $400 grant for our school.

For more information about the competition click here. Scroll through the winners stories to read about Alice.

Congratulations Alice and Olivia. We are all very proud of you.


First Week Back

Luke S is our guest blogger today. He’s written this post to tell you about our first week back at school.

Hello World,

We are  2c Learning  with Ms Campbell.  We  just got back  from holidays. This is our first  week back. This is Friday 12th  of October.

Our class is excited  about the fun run and swimming  lessons. What have you been doing in the holidays?.

If you have been at  school, what have you been doing?

from  Luke at 2c with Ms Campbell


Quadblogging Update

When Term 4 begins on Monday, we will be into our 3rd week of Quadblogging. So far we’ve enjoyed  the experience. It was great connecting with Ms Sporn’s class in South Australia . We were very impressed by all the technology that they use in their room, including lots of iPads and Ipods. We also liked reading about their choir.

This week we’ll be visiting Red Wolves Writing – writing by the children in Red Wolves Class, Avenue Junior School in the UK.  We’re looking forward to reading their writing and commenting on their work.

To see a world map with all the classes we are connecting with, have a look at our Global Connections page.

Where is Castle Cove Public School?

Last term, Leo, Lewis and Elliot wrote this article to tell you a little about where we are.

Castle Cove Public School (known as CCPS) is in Sydney, NSW, Australia just north of Canberra the capital city ( although it takes a 3 hour drive).

CCPS is full of rainbow lorikeets which normally come out at recess and lunch to feed on bread crumbs.

photo by cskk on Flickr

We are very close to Garigal National Park which is full of wildlife such as possums.

Possum on hands and feet
Photo by gnuchris2 on flickr


CCPS is very leafy and not far away from Willis Castle.



By Leo, Lewis and Elliot